Benefits of Using the Best Eyelash Conditioner

Who doesn’t want long, defined, and fluttery eyelashes that’ll enhance your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter? Certainly, everybody does. Eyelashes make a huge difference in your face by creating a brighter, refreshed appearance. Apart from improving and framing the face, eyelashes are the first line of defense for your eyes. They keep airborne dirt, dust, and other debris from reaching your delicate eye tissue. These short-curved hairs also form a barrier against foreign irritants entering the eye. Just like the hair grows on our scalp, eyelashes grow, fall out, and regrow in a natural cycle.


Our eyelashes are more prone to damage than we think they are. Wearing makeup like mascara, and eyeliner overnight can dry out the lashes. Dry lashes are more likely to break and fall prematurely. Applying lash glue for false lashes followed by ripping off these falsies have the same side effects. Nowadays eyelash extensions and lash lifts are very popular. The glues used for this purpose include chemicals and ingredients that are harmful which may cause bloodshot eyes, itching, and swelling. It can also cause eyelashes to break or thin out. Rubbing your eyes vigorously can damage the entire eye, including your eyelashes. Using expired makeup is another reason for eyelash damage. Old mascara may contain harmful bacteria which in turn can cause lash loss, damage, and infection. To stave off ruining or losing the eyelashes, eyelash conditioners and eyelash growth serums are the best-known options to get those fuller, lush eyelashes. While there is not much difference between the two, lash serum is applied at night which helps you achieve longer-looking lashes whereas eyelash conditioner is included in the AM routine and helps in amplifying the lashes for a fuller look. Both products share many of the same nourishing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, chamomile, and biotin.


Conditioners can help eyelashes in the same way they treat the scalp: – by softening hair themselves and smoothening the outer layer of the hair. It will improve the appearance of eyelashes by making them look fuller and longer. Furthermore, it will help in strengthening eyelashes. You can say goodbye to sparse, thin, brittle eyelashes without any further ado. Not only will it help lashes to grow stronger and resistant to breakage but also will enhance your appearance by adding an instant touch of youth and beauty with no makeup required. In addition to this, you’ll no longer have to suffer the pain of applying false lashes or getting eyelash extensions. It will promote the natural growth of the eyelashes. And since there will be no need of putting on false lashes, you are less inclined to get eye irritation and infections as your natural lashes are stronger and longer, serving as a barrier to every foreign particle. Moreover, it’ll save money in the long run as there’s no need to spend money on extensions and lash lifts every quarter of the year.


Similar to the conditioner and rich in vitamins and peptides, eyelash serum promotes hair growth in eyelashes and eyebrows. Due to a decrease in hair breakage and hair loss, the hair follicles are stimulated to grow more. The use of lash serum not only helps in retaining healthy hair but also increases the speed of eyelash growth and also provides hydration to eyelashes. Applying two healthy coats of the best eyelash serum will suffice your need of getting healthier lashes and a bolder-looking lash line. Eyelash serums are safe to use and can be used by anyone, even those who’ve gone through chemotherapy, to encourage regrowth. Applying lash conditioner in the morning and serum before sleeping will eventually lead to longer, stronger, and fluttery eyelashes. It is necessary to follow the routine religiously to get the best results.

Some of the best eyelash conditioners and best lash serums are:-

  1. StBotanica Eyelash Growth Serum: Made up of the highest quality oils like castor oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil, it helps in growing thicker, fuller, and longer lashes.
  2. GrowBrow Bella Vita Organic: A mild lash serum that fights follicle infections and maintains voluminous eyelashes and eyebrows.
  3. Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
  4. Rapidlash- Eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum: Pocket friendly and very effective. Applying it once a day will offer fuller darker lashes with additional curls to give your eyes a stunning look.
  5. Vichy LiftActiv serum 10 eyes and lashes: Highly suitable for people with sensitive eyes as it will cause no side effects ( no itchy eyes, no blurry vision). Applying it twice every day will produce effective results in 5-6 weeks. There are plenty of reasons listed above to start using eyelash conditioner and serum. In the same way, that good skincare promotes healthy skin with less need for makeup, using the best eyelash serum and best eyelash conditioner to encourage eyelash growth promises a stunning and healthy natural look, all day, every day!


If you are not big on spending money on eyecare products then here are some basic tips that’ll help to grow and maintain Eyelashes.

1) Use regular mascara instead of a waterproof one as it is tough to get off. A lot of scrubbing is required which can break the eyelash.

2) Remove eye makeup every day. Leaving makeup overnight can dry the lashes, making them fall out. Use a gentle makeup cleaner to remove makeup.

3) Wash your eyelids regularly with water. Clean follicles eventually lead to healthy eyelashes. Wash your face regularly with clean water to remove bacteria and dirt.

4) Castor oil and aloe vera gel, which are easily available help in the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. If you observe any hyperpigmentation around the eyelids, red itchy eyes, or change in eye color while using these products, referring to an ophthalmologist will be a good call.


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